Use Your Tongue To Turn Her On

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Use Your Tongue To Turn Her On

Which muscle is the strongest one in your body and can make women reach immeasurable heights of sexual ecstasy? No, your penis is not a muscle and again, it’s not the strongest member of your physical make-up either.

Actually it’s the tongue and today you’re going to find out about all the wicked things you can do with it that will ultimately make your woman cry out in sexual agony. But before you begin practicing on her body, start out by getting to know your tongue in the mirror. And no, that’s not your cue to begin French kissing your image.

Stick out your tongue and try to focus all your attention on the tip. Try to make it come to a point. This will come in handy when you want to use force with it. Now, try to expand your tongue’s width to the extreme — this will also come in quite handy while you’re doing your Christopher Columbus thing throughout her body.

Hardly Soft Kisses

You can use your tongue to lick her lips softly, gently part them and find your way to her tongue. Now it goes without saying that at some point, you’ll incorporate your lips and teeth into the job, but the point of using your tongue is for sensual reasons.

As well as her mouth, you can use your tongue to lick her earlobes — please keep in mind that at no point should you salivate in her ear, nor should you start breathing like a starved Doberman.

Oh, and her neck; use your pointed tongue to lick an area of it, then nibble with your teeth, and finally suck gently with your lips in order to fully arouse the chill-up-spine factor. If you’d like, lift up her hair (assuming it’s long) and do this to the back of her neck as well. I bet she’ll turn around and attack you in no time — in a good way, of course.

Nip It With The Bud

Remember those tongue techniques I made you practice in the mirror not too long ago? Well, they’re going to come in quite handy on your female body exploration adventure. You can start by licking in between her breasts. Yeah that’s right, you don’t have to plunge onto the nipples the second her bra comes off.

Lick between her chest with your hardened tongue and slowly let your tongue relax, and lightly lick her breasts until you reach her nipples, at which point you will begin your sensual torture on her.

Use your saliva-filled tongue to go over her nipple so lightly that she can feel your warm (and minty ) breath. Then make it pointy and be a little more aggressive with it. And using your fingers to rub the other nipple so it won’t become intensely jealous is also a good idea.

Even small things like holding her breasts aggressively with your hands yet licking them so softly with your tongue will drive her crazy, so don’t be afraid to try different things; that’s the only way you’ll find out what she wants.

It’s A body Party

Although having a tongue as long as Gene Simmons’ may come in handy for many of us, surely women don’t judge us by the length of our tongues, do they ? Nevertheless, why don’t you give her back a soft, wet massage with your fiercest muscle? Let her lay on her stomach and use your tongue to slowly inch your way down her spine.

Now remember to keep going slowly, otherwise your salivary glands won’t be able to keep up with your speed. Anyway, moving slowly is also a wonderful way to tease her until she starts salivating for you like a St. Bernard.

Once you get to the bottom of her back, work your way up in an uncoordinated intense fashion, going from one side to the other, and using your tongue and lips to suck up her skin. And if you’re the bold type, spread her legs and begin licking the inside of her thighs. Don’t move onto to every man’s favorite flower just yet. Remember to keep taking it slow.

Don’t restrict yourself to this body part or that one; move all over using your tongue to taste, test and tantalize her body. There are no holds barred; lick everywhere without apprehension (assuming she has been courteous enough to shower) and get your friends “teeth” and “lips” to join in the hours of fun.

Speaking In Tongue

Now it’s time to venture down south, where most women would love to keep us hard at work for hours; the pleasure dome. After teasing her body for an ample amount of time, it’s likely that when you finally reach her bottom lips, she’ll be soaked enough to provide your mouth with plenty of lubrication.

Bring your tongue to a hard point and use only the tip to lick the clitoris gently. Slowly inch your way down, licking her lips on either side. Then stop licking her altogether and use your tongue to lick her inner thighs again for just a moment.

When you work your way back to her vagina, expand your tongue and lick her from the bottom of her vagina straight up to her clitoris. With the back of your tongue, go back down and when you reach the opening, harden your tongue and begin making love to her (or sexing her, whichever you prefer) with it.

As well, for the avid adventurous types, you can even work your way down to her backside and use your pointed tongue to excite her. Or, if that makes you feel somewhat squirmy, you can keep on licking her vagina until she lifts herself up and forces you to lie down and endure the same kind of explosive sexual torture.

Rrroll The Tongue

Keep in mind that good lovers aren’t just born, actually, they’re avid readers of my column. And although this article is very tongue specific, the bottom line lies with your woman and what she wants you to do.

What you can do is test out these experiments and you’ll be able to determine by her reaction (moaning, groaning, “oh yes,” “faster,” or a smack upside the head) whether or not she likes what you’re doing.

Until next time, put the “safety” on your “gun” so that you don’t accidentally shoot her with your “bullets” and make a bigger mess than necessary. Oh, and give her the tongue lashing of a lifetime (but be safe in that area too).

And there you have it; some easy ways to keep her satisfied and get a little satisfaction of your own at the same time. If you want her to be addicted to you,


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