Shower Sex Toys & Positions

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Shower Sex Toys & Positions

You get home from work and upon seeing your woman, you’re suddenly not as tired as you initially thought. You want to get down and dirty and show her how much you’ve missed her, but the problem is, you need to do some serious freshening up.

While you’re eating dinner with her, all you keep picturing is the lovemaking you want to engage in, but you know that once you’re done with your meal, you need to hop into that shower. Well guess what? You should; and you should get her to get all lathered up with you.

Then again, if you like to cleanse yourself in private, get a move on and invite her in afterwards so that you can play some sexual games with her. Only this time, you’ll come fully equipped with positions, sex toys, creams, bubbles, and all.

Position After Position

Making love in the shower can be a great experience given that your shower isn’t the size of a toilet. And when you get her inside and you get inside, you can go at her from all angles.

The fire hydrant
If you can handle it, stay under the hot running water. With her facing you, raise her leg (either one) and keep it close to your waist. Considering she’s likely shorter than you, you may have to bend your knees to get inside. But once you’re there, it’s smooth sailing.

The wraparound
Lift her up and have her wrap her legs around your waist. Place her back against the wall (under the water is amazing) and penetrate her, all the while maneuvering her body by placing your hands on her buttocks.

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