Shower Sex Toys & Positions

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Shower Sex Toys & Positions

You get home from work and upon seeing your woman, you’re suddenly not as tired as you initially thought. You want to get down and dirty and show her how much you’ve missed her, but the problem is, you need to do some serious freshening up.

While you’re eating dinner with her, all you keep picturing is the lovemaking you want to engage in, but you know that once you’re done with your meal, you need to hop into that shower. Well guess what? You should; and you should get her to get all lathered up with you.

Then again, if you like to cleanse yourself in private, get a move on and invite her in afterwards so that you can play some sexual games with her. Only this time, you’ll come fully equipped with positions, sex toys, creams, bubbles, and all.

Position After Position

Making love in the shower can be a great experience given that your shower isn’t the size of a toilet. And when you get her inside and you get inside, you can go at her from all angles.

The fire hydrant
If you can handle it, stay under the hot running water. With her facing you, raise her leg (either one) and keep it close to your waist. Considering she’s likely shorter than you, you may have to bend your knees to get inside. But once you’re there, it’s smooth sailing.

The wraparound
Lift her up and have her wrap her legs around your waist. Place her back against the wall (under the water is amazing) and penetrate her, all the while maneuvering her body by placing your hands on her buttocks.

Staring at tiles
With her back to you, bend her over and enter from behind. Don’t go too fast or too hard unless she requests you do so. Enjoy the position, the water, and the noises she’s making.

Cracks in the ceiling
If your tub allows for it, lay her down in the tub and while the water is crashing down on the both of you, make love to her and enjoy the slippery wetness that the shower provides.

You turn to stare
While you lie down in the tub, she can get on top of you and do her little dance atop your manhood. The water tapping against your testicles (your face is at the end of the tub) will provide a tingling sensation.

You’re Already Done?

If your brain got the best of your ejaculate and ran rampant without first consulting with her orgasm, then she may be in need of some more pleasure. But wait, you don’t have to leave the shower to provide her with a wealth of satisfaction.

There are toys and other fun things you can take into the shower to turn what could’ve been a typical session into something extraordinary. Of course, I’m assuming that your woman is into experimentation and trying new things. If you’ve never discussed the use of toys, then here’s your opportunity. Here are a few toys you might want to look into for the next time you want to keep her wet in more ways than one.

Jelly Cliteriffic Wet Toy
You know as well as I do that most women love having their clits stimulated. Well imagine being able to stimulate it at speeds unknown to a human tongue? She’ll be one happy camper and so will you as you watch her scream out in pleasurable agony. Drive her crazy twofold by placing her in the tub so the water beats down on her vagina while your little toy stimulates her.

Waterproof Delights Blue Jelly
If stimulating her clit isn’t enough, or she prefers penetration, then try your hand at this vibrator. You can penetrate her with it while sucking on her breasts, or maybe even while you penetrate her from behind. To do this, bend her over in a doggy style position and penetrate her very slowly from both ends (take your pick, with her permission of course).

Wet Dream G-Spot Vibe
When you have sex with her, you usually won’t hit her G-spot, unless, of course, your penis bends northward. Otherwise, use this strategically shaped toy to ensure that you hit her sweet spot over and over again. And who knows, she may just end up using it to hit your sweet spot as well. For this one, you can leave her standing (facing you or not) while you insert the toy and massage her clitoris with your other hand. But be careful and don’t let her fall (her knees might give out).

Happy Penis Massage Cream
Your penis has had a long day. What with being trapped in a stuffy environment for hours, forced to hang out with two nuts… And when he’s finally set free, it’s to throw up. Okay, so maybe I’m overdramatizing, but when was the last time your girlfriend gave your penis a massage? That’s what I thought. Let her stimulate your penis with this tingling cream while you lay back and enjoy the job.

Sex Bubbles
If after your orgasm(s), you just want to lay back and relax with your woman, fill the tub with warm water and bubbles. This great scented bubble bath will help you and your woman chill out whilst discussing all the wonderful orgasms each of you experienced.

Showering Is Fun

Toys can add a little enhancement to your sex life so long as you use them in moderation and as a side dish to your main course. As well, always remember to sterilize your toys before and after use.

Until next time, remember that getting wet is only one way to start a session.



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